About Us

Established Since 2009

PRUDENCE C New York aka PRUDENCE C Designs is the soul and character of me, Prudence Cheah. I hail from the captivating landscape of Malaysia and have called the pulsating heart of NYC home since in 2000. Join me in a world of elegance and artistry as I craft creations that define my journey from Malaysia to the vibrant heart of New York.  

 Since my origins in art and design my fulfillment has come from continuous discovery and constant search for what is different.

PRUDENCE C Designs philosophy stands in contrast to the prevailing trends in modern jewelry, deliberately eschewing simplicity, market driven conformity, and the conventional pursuit of minimalistic expression. Instead, our designs embody complexity, requiring extensive craftsmanship, a meticulous attention to detail, and a relentless commitment to infusing each piece with innovative ideas and technique. The result is not merely jewelry but a collection of exquisite works of arts.

From our design studio in Soho, our mission is to create designs that are deliberately colorful, elegant, have a twist of modern & contemporary but mainly have a sense of complexity drawn from the use of many different materials, twists and seamless interlockings. While our primary canvas features Swarovski crystals, we also incorporate unique materials, fantastic colors and visual depth.

These days, our primary customers consists of sophisticated, confident, and successful stylish young ladies and mature women with a keen sense of style. They seek something distinct, far from ordinary. Many of our valued clients have been with us for many years ever since we launched our designs and are always in touch – eagerly anticipating our latest designs for their upcoming outings.

Our collections are highly sought after in every corner of the world. PRUDENCE C New York pieces can be found in many museum stores, galleries and have been in more then 400+specialty stores worldwide. Unexpectedly in the last five years, we have experienced a significant surge in demand from museums worldwide “to craft something that leaves us in awe”.

“ I see the unusual in stones, I set it free”